crybaby prince


I’m really glad that the series ended in a lighter kind of note (which kind of ties back to how Hamatora was for the first half of the first season) and I’ll definitely miss watching it every week now _(:3/L)_ ON THE OTHER HAND THOUGH, PANCAKE DATES WITH THE BOYFRIEND HECK YEA



When even your lover knows you’re a piece of orca trash.


   Two hands that are white ,    Can't put up the fight
     Bereft of all strength and The flames in her eyes

The infant, the damage,
The plunder, the pillage,
Her ruins of smoke
this river can't choke

a quick doodle that doesn’t take 34 hours to finish


ok so Sal is trash, but he’s also the ambassador of the lil’ creepy princess and

it’s kinda cute? in a sick way?

or maybe I just desperately need any redeemable qualities for Sal.

(yeh I’m still sketching quick stuff, bear with me)


"This world appears to be a little dangerous."
Kagerou Project - Konoha and Kuroha


Have a bunch of colored sketches! (This is all by memory so sorry for errors)



I had posted picture 04, 05and 07 before.


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i dont get why komaeda is such a fan favorite i mean have u heard of Chiaki Nanam (on dA)


anon asked about fem!free! and ye, felt inspired